How Kaar Helped a Public sector realize enhanced Financial and Operational Efficiency ?

Higher visibility is been achieved through intuitive SAP Reports and Dashboards with validated data

Customer Overview

Founded in the year 2000 and headquartered in KSA, Client's main objective is to oversee investment affairs in the Kingdom including foreign investment. It is responsible for managing the investment environment in Saudi Arabia. Its objective is to achieve economic growth by creating a pro-business environment, providing services to investors and fostering investment opportunities in key sectors of the economy, including energy, transportation, and knowledge-based industries.

Business Situation

The Client grants licenses to foreign investors in KSA. It was operating under multiple standalone systems, and different platforms and technology that resulted in inadequate data integration and a lot of paper work

Prospective investors had to do lot of manual documentation to apply for new licenses and avail the premium services provides by the client. Additionally, there was no integration with a payment gateway. The lack of efficient integration between Client's internal license approval process and its Finance department severely hampered employee productivity and created bottlenecks within these business processes.

There was no real time customer care management to handle investors' queries and their problems. The existing licensed investors too were facing inconvenience as client's License services, Government Services, and Finance department were reeling under the same operational and technological bottlenecks.

The Management at the client's place was thus looking for a concrete solution to integrate Client's License approval process and other departments seamlessly with the Finance department to realize enhanced financial and operational efficiency.

Solution Offered By Kaar


Kaar, post comprehensively studying the present business scenario and processes at proposed implementing SAP UI5 as front end application and SAP CRM as backend application for Online License application and its approval mechanism. BCM IVR is the customer care module that was suggested to address the investors. The solutions will encompass 100 internal end users, 10,000 existing investors, and new investors. The goal was to standardize client's online application and License approval process, and seamlessly integrate its departments with the Finance department.

The proposed solution by Kaar would ensure
  • Real time visibility on License Processing.
  • Improved forecast capabilities to satiate end customers' needs.
  • Enhanced Investor satisfaction via timely resolution of their queries.
  • Enriched Employee satisfaction via simple and clear approval mechanism.

Challenges faced and redressed

The biggest challenge was to educate and train client's internal customers to adapt to SAP best Practices while leaving behind the traditional work-ways and -methods they were utilizing. There was a visible apprehension among client's employees to transgress to the new system, a challenge that Kaar had to address.

There were no defined roles for the employees within the company, a situation that resulted in dearth of clarity on the integration part and end user activity.


Kaar conducted pre-implementation training for the 100-odd end users even before it initiated the requirement gathering session to generate awareness about the new system and processes to align the end users with SAP standard practices. Kaar worked in conjunction with the client to ensure that the new system and processes were followed and practiced to complete the End to End process.

Kaar clearly defined the Roles and the Authorization matrix in the initial phase of the project for the end users, which post approval by the respective Business Heads at
clients place were incorporated in the system to stream line the end user integration process. These initiatives helped the users and the management to better understand the system to proficiently carry out the business processes.

Business Benefits

Higher Visibility through:
  • Content rich and intuitive SAP Reports
  • Dashboards with validated data will enable faster decision making at the top management level.
Business transformation through:
  • Re-defined Efficiency
  • Integrated Information System

About KAAR

Kaar Technologies is a global consulting firm focused at designing, delivering and deploying the finest ideas and SAP expertise to empower companies in achieving new heights of excellence in today's challenging business landscape.

Our combined thrust drawn from the business vision of our leadership team and assimilated SAP capability propels us to partner with our clients in identifying and architecting their business agenda. As a CMMi level 3 company, Kaar believes in being a trusted advisor to clients and fosters long-term working relationships by exceeding customer expectations.

Driven by the steadfast pursuit of excellence, Kaar Technologies exudes professionalism and proficiency in all areas of function. Every day we are inspired to impact businesses with original and imaginative approaches, helping to cultivate tomorrow's breakthroughs. ‚Äč


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