How the SAP Solutions by Kaar Transformed a Leading Energy provider into a more Informed and Customer Focused Organization

About the Client

The Client is a private integrated Power and Water Utility Company headquartered at Jubail. It undertakes the operation, maintenance, management, expansion, and construction of seawater cooling systems, desalinated and treated water systems, sanitary and industrial wastewater systems, and electric power systems to provide essential utility services to industrial, commercial, and residential customers in the industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu.


Business Situation

The current procedures and SAP system used by them have the following shortcomings:
  • No capability to register readings inside SAP prevents them carrying out maintenance on the basis of standard data such as running hours.
  • No interface with telemetry system prevents them to automate work order notification, which in turn leads to low reactivity.
  • No availability of linear assets in SAP leads to low performing asset management on linear assets despite the huge value they represent.
  • No advanced scheduling or Resource management leads to low optimization of Work-order process.
  • Lack of mobility tools leads to multiple double entries causing data redundancy and duplicacy.
  • No standard BI functionality leads to low performing and inaccurate excel based reporting system.

Service Offered By Kaar

The proposed solution by Kaar includes various subproject and change management plans along with execution of training programs and new business procedures to bridge gaps between their existing situation and international best practices for utility sector.

The following services will be implemented:
  • SAP Measuring points to register readings in SAP system and base all maintenance activities and reporting on these readings.
  • SAP – GIS interface and linear asset management to implement all SAP asset management policies on linear assets (increase reliability of linear asset).
  • SCADA-SAP Interface to enable automatic notifications for work order (increase reactivity), and automatic registration of meter readings in SAP (increase reliability of data, decrease manpower needs).
  • Revision of the WO management process to have accurate completion reports, and adapt the scheduling process for advanced scheduling and resource optimization.
  • Implementation of SAP Resource management to optimize scheduling and resource management.
  • Implementation of SAP Multi-resource Scheduling with Optimizer to optimize scheduling and decrease manpower needs.
  • Implementation of SAP Rounds Manager Mobile App to automate workforce management for rowing crew.
  • Implementation of SAP Work Manager Mobile App to automate workforce management for work order implementation.
  • Implementation of SAP Mobile platform with App protection by Mocana and Afaria Device Management to support mobile application (round manager and work manager), implement mobile device management system, and comply to information security requirements.
  • Implementation of SAP Business Intelligence to have dedicated and efficient BI for PM activities.

The objective of CPO organization is to centralize and monitor all their Facilities at one strategic site. It will offer the possibility to supervise all field actions on network and plants, to analyze all data recorded to produce report for Business unit manager in order to improve business control.

They would transform into a more customer focused organization to provide customers the best services through accurate monitoring of their needs (PW & SWC consumption, WW discharge) and its facilities (PW & WW networks, Pumping Stations,
Lift Stations, plants).

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in the exposure of employees to hazards due to decrease in low value adding tasks and time spent on the road.
  • Improved responsiveness in the case of equipment malfunction courtesy the enhanced monitoring and communication system.
  • Extended lifespan of equipment as maintenance routines will be based on deep analyses of the data centralized at the CPO including network data trough GIS interface.
  • Enhanced monitoring (RTUs, SCADA) will enable cancellation of low value adding tasks.
  • Centralized scheduling and mobility on field will optimize the allocation of resources and enhance productivity.

About KAAR

Kaar Technologies is a global consulting firm focused at designing, delivering and deploying the finest ideas and SAP expertise to empower companies in achieving new heights of excellence in today's challenging business landscape.

Our combined thrust drawn from the business vision of our leadership team and assimilated SAP capability propels us to partner with our clients in identifying and architecting their business agenda. As a CMMi level 3 company, Kaar believes in being a trusted advisor to clients and fosters long-term working relationships by exceeding customer expectations.

Driven by the steadfast pursuit of excellence, Kaar Technologies exudes professionalism and proficiency in all areas of function. Every day we are inspired to impact businesses with original and imaginative approaches, helping to cultivate tomorrow's breakthroughs. ​


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