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Importance Of Application Maintanence
In today's global economy, uncertain economic conditions, rapid digitalization, greater consumer awareness and increase in competition, make it extremely challenging for companies to retain quality resources and invest in the supporting infrastructure that needs to be in place to support the operational needs of the business.

SAP is one of the most widely-used integrated IT systems in the world, which enables businesses to run their critical functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Material Management, Sales and Marketing, Production etc. seamlessly. The popularity of this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be attributed to its integration capabilities with third party systems, adaptability to a company's specific requirements and a wide range of functionalities to support businesses in critical decision making.

“SAP is the second largest application software vendor worldwide”

However, organizations understand that successful implementation of SAP is only the first step. Managing enterprise applications critical to daily business operations, is a long journey that encompasses continuous improvement, optimal usage and maintenance. 

With the rising pace of changes in IT systems due to rapid digitalization and ever changing internal and external factors, companies require a strong ERP backbone. This will act as the solid foundation on which to build additional business models and channel layers. Thus, robustness and security of the system is extremely important to ensure confidentiality, integrity and agility. The latter is vital to making necessary system enhancements easily feasible. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Trusted SAP Support Partner?

A Trusted SAP support partner can help you overcome the below challenges -

• Lost focus on core business
• Productivity loss
 Increase in administration costs 
• Missed opportunity on new trends 
• Lack of control over issues, changes
• Difficulty in process optimization
• Increased business overheads 
How to choose the Right SAP Application Service Partner ?
Why choose Kaar?

• Easy adaptation to clients’ support expectations
• Robust and flexible support models 
 Clear understanding  of  YOU and YOUR business
Kaar's Delivery Models
(Dedicated Onsite Support)


  • Immediate response & resolution to incidents
  • Dedicated  onsite resources
  • Direct interaction with the support team
  • Customer driven priority setting for Incidents Vs Enhancements

  • Premium costs but effective 
(Dedicated Hybrid - Onsite/Offshore Support)

  • Balanced and Economical
  • SPOC for all issues
  • Effective response and resolution  to Issues
  • Dedicated  onsite resources on rotational basis
  • Customer driven priority setting

  • Onsite consultants not available 100%  of the time but balanced
(Dedicated Offshore Support)

  • Economical
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • SPOC for all issues
  • Focus  on timely response and resolution to Issues
  • Dedicated  offshore resources
  • Weekly meetings, Video conference with Offshore team
  • Your extended offshore team

  • No onsite presence but periodic visits
(Shared Offshore Support)

  • Cost effective
  • SPOC for all issues
  • Response and resolution  based on severity
  • Weekly meetings, Video conference with Offshore team

  • Shared talents, will work for multiple clients
  • No Named Resource
Kaar's Marquee Clients
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Kaar's Client Testimonials

"Since our organization's entire production and commercial function is on SAP, we needed an efficient service partner to support our SAP activities and help our teams achieve efficiency. We are very happy with the SAP services and support Kaar Technologies is providing us." 

Mr Deepak Dikshit

Chief Financial Officer at Oman Cements

“Kaar Technologies' implementation of the SAP EHS module is highly customizable and supports the current and future requirements of our organization.”

Mr Abdullah Al Habsi

Deputy CEO at Salalah Methanol

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